Project 9 – Stage 4 – Developing design ideas into weaving

I initially struggled to follow the instructions for this part, but having re-read it a couple of times it made more sense!

I chose to do sample 1 using a picture I used for project 8 of shells as a source. I was interested in the stripes present in the shells as well as the colours and textures in the picture.

I enlarged the original photograph to get a closer look at the markings and then chose a small section which included some interesting marks and textures. I then drew this section out as a small drawing and repeated it on graph paper. Yarns were then matched to the drawing. The resulting design looks interesting and hopefully will be successful. It is ideal as a starting point for tapestry due to the stripes and the textures so I am looking forward to weaving it.



About Julie Hooker

Having recently returned to my roots in Surrey, I am currently studying a BA Hons degree with the OCA. My work is often inspired by the local countryside in the beautiful Surrey Hills area and the wild rugged nature of the North Cornish coast. Steam engines and abandoned industrial history are also recent themes. A free machine embroiderer and felt maker; I like to explore the use of natural, found materials to create my art, whether that be as raw materials to stitch or weave with or as a material with which to produce dye or print with. Previously, I completed City and Guilds parts 1 & 2 Creative Embroidery at the East Berkshire College in Windsor in 2007. I was also awarded first place in the wearable art section of the National Quilt Championships 2008 and 2009 held annually at Sandown Park.
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