Exploring Ideas – Part 2, Project Stage 1, Research & Sketchbook work ‘Man-made environment’ cont.

I have been concentrating on my sketchbook to start developing some ideas on the theme of ‘manmade environment’. I began with my favourite image of wind turbines. To me they are a great example of how the manmade environment is encroaching on the natural. The colours are bright and cheery which shows a more positive image of these giant structures which are often so disliked. 

I personally don’t find them at all offensive and find them very impressive machines; but may be that is because I don’t live near any and only really see them when I am driving by. I found some great photos online to use. Once again I have saved them to a pintrest board. I find this a great way of colecting and storing source imagry online HERE. Quite a few had a beautiful ‘sunset’ background which looks stunning against the hard structures. I decided to use different colour schemes as well as the one used in the source picture; trying to show the differing opinions about their ‘beauty’.


I really like this source picture. Not only does it have the glorious sunset behind the strong motifs of the wind turbines but the blue sky above gives another idea for background colours.

2014-12-08 12.55.442014-12-08 12.55.59 2014-12-08 12.56.05 2014-12-08 12.56.11  2014-12-08 14.37.04 2014-12-08 14.37.33

Sketchbook work using various mediums including wax crayon, collage & water colour pencils & paints.

I then decided to try to develop these initial ideas further by using digital manipulation techniques to create patterns that were simple and more complex. Again I altered the colours to  hint at the debate that is currently being held about the building of more wind farms and their effect on the natural environment. 

2014-12-08 12.56.11b 2014-12-08 15.41.40 2014-12-08 12.55.44d 2014-12-08 12.55.44b

2014-12-08 12.55.44aSo far I feel there are some promising ideas emerging that can be developed for use for future projects. I particularly like the 3rd image with the larger colour change blocks. The dark coloured turbines look quite threatening whereas in white they appear almost angellic. This is an idea that I would like to work on further.


Related source material: https://uk.pinterest.com/julytex/manmade-environment/

For now I am going to further work on this theme with some work based on pylons and architectural details. I have found some excellent sources with stunning pictures for pylons, again sticking with the colour scheme I found so engaging when looking at the wind turbines:

2015-02-14 14.22.44

images (4) images (8)

Here are some colour swatch experiments I have been working on from the pictures I have collected. My favourite is at the top, I feel it conveys the setting sun against the dark brooding structures really well

colour pylons


I have started to play around with the shapes to create ideas for further development:

2014-12-15 20.21.502015-01-05 14.57.512015-02-10 08.14.20


and then with placement:



I narrowed things down to one particular motif that I liked, combined with the ‘sunset’ colours I am really excited as to where this is going!


About Julie Hooker

Having recently returned to my roots in Surrey, I am currently studying a BA Hons degree with the OCA. My work is often inspired by the local countryside in the beautiful Surrey Hills area and the wild rugged nature of the North Cornish coast. Steam engines and abandoned industrial history are also recent themes. A free machine embroiderer and felt maker; I like to explore the use of natural, found materials to create my art, whether that be as raw materials to stitch or weave with or as a material with which to produce dye or print with. Previously, I completed City and Guilds parts 1 & 2 Creative Embroidery at the East Berkshire College in Windsor in 2007. I was also awarded first place in the wearable art section of the National Quilt Championships 2008 and 2009 held annually at Sandown Park.
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