Exploring Ideas Project 3 – Reveal & Conceal Stages 1 & 2

The introduction to this part of the course stated that it ‘looks at what textiles reveal and what they conceal’. We were to ‘look at the effects of space and light, both natural & artificial, and how these interact with the materials you use to reveal particular effects.’

Instead of starting with an external visual source for inspiration, our creative stimulus was to come from a ‘materials led approach’  This really excited me and as I started to work through the workshops, I really enjoyed using materials in a different way.

I started with Workshop 2 – Knitted nets:

2015-04-22 22.43.52

Knitted coloured wire with beads, knitted on different sized needles, I really like the ethereal feeling to this sample. The lighweight wire combined with the beads creates lovely delicate shadows on the background.

2015-04-19 09.27.34

Knitted string, worked on very large, medium and small needles to create differing spaces between stitches. This sample reminds me of fishing nets and lobster pots.

2015-04-19 09.27.23 - Copy (2)

And my favourite: Knitted strips of packaging, worked on really big needles to make different textures and levels of transparency. It is particularly effective when back lit adding a completely different view.

2015-04-19 09.26.45

Knitted plastic packaging, carrier bags, polythene and plastic strapping. One of my favourite samples so far as it is lovely & chunky, uses recycled materials that were destined for the bin and looks particulary effective when back lit.


I then moved on to:

Workshop 3: Stitched nets

I only worked a couple of these, I began to get a bit bored as I have done a lot of stitched nets in the past, however I do like the couple I did.

2015-06-02 16.09.37 Couched threads onto water soluble fabric which was then removed leaving a grid. I like the irregular net idea. The colours are bright and fun.

2015-06-02 16.09.42Just stitching, again onto water-soluble fabric which was then removed. I tried stitching in different directions rather than a standard grid.

Workshop 5: Using a laminator

I really enjoyed this workshop, I nearly broke the laminator by trying to put too thicker threads through, but it did create some interesting results!

2015-05-25 10.38.35 2015-05-25 10.38.50 2015-05-25 10.39.02

Windy day?

2015-05-25 10.39.24Various objects & threads trapped in the laminating pouch. These samples are quite ghost like I think this is due to their colour palette and the translucency.


2015-04-30 08.01.55

Workshop 6: Bonding techniques

2015-04-30 07.43.44

Bonded & stitched Angelina fibres & chiffon. This is quite an exciting sample it catches the light beautifully a bit like wet rocks.

2015-04-30 08.00.39

This sample has some interesting lines and texture created bu the embroidered appliqued feather and the recycled scarf used as a background.

2015-04-30 07.43.58

Bonded chiffon & stitched feather on open weave fabric.

2015-04-30 08.00.30

Stitched & layered Angelina fibres in bubble wrap, heated to make it melt back, then stitched. A really exciting texture. It is a little like fish or cast off snakeskin.

I am looking forward to adding to these samples over the next few days. They are certainly quite exciting.


About Julie Hooker

Having recently returned to my roots in Surrey, I am currently studying a BA Hons degree with the OCA. My work is often inspired by the local countryside in the beautiful Surrey Hills area and the wild rugged nature of the North Cornish coast. Steam engines and abandoned industrial history are also recent themes. A free machine embroiderer and felt maker; I like to explore the use of natural, found materials to create my art, whether that be as raw materials to stitch or weave with or as a material with which to produce dye or print with. Previously, I completed City and Guilds parts 1 & 2 Creative Embroidery at the East Berkshire College in Windsor in 2007. I was also awarded first place in the wearable art section of the National Quilt Championships 2008 and 2009 held annually at Sandown Park.
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