Part Four Contextual Studies, Project 1, Stage 1 Research

In this project I will be looking at 10 key artists and designers from around the world with some kind of association with textile art. At this stage I will be downloading information from the internet, books etc. and collating it. I am also going to produce a summary sheet for each artist as well as a source list / bibliography and a pinterest board to help me to collect the information I need and easily return to it as well as continue to add in the future. To avoid problems with copyright as this is an open blog please see the pinterest board for images.

The first artist is Margaret Macdonald Macintosh (1864 – 1933)

Name: Margaret Macdonald Macintosh

Born: 5th November 1864, Tipton, England

Died: 7th January 1933 (67) Chelsea, England

Nationality: Scottish

Education: Glasgow School of Art

Movement: Art Nouveau, Glasgow style, Symbolism

Spouse / Main collaborators: Charles Rennie Mackintosh, Frances Macdonald

Best Known Works: The May queen, Oh ye, all ye that walk in Willow Wood, the Red Rose and the White Rose

Pinterest Board:

The may queen 1900

Source list

Useful Websites

Leon Bakst (1866 – 1924)

Name: Leon Bakst (Born Lev (leib) Samoilovich Rosenburg) AKA Leon (Lev) Nikolayevich Bakst

Born: 10th May 1866 Grodno (Currently Belarus)

Died: 28th December 1924 Paris

Nationality: Russian

Education: St Petersburg Academy of Arts, Academie Julian,

Best Known Works: Production design for the Ballet Russes, Sets & Costume

Pinterest Board:

Drawing for Queen of the Night costume 1922

Source list

Useful Websites

Ethel Mairet (1872 – 1952)

Name: Ethel Mairet (Nee Partridge, Coomaraswarmy)

Born: 1872 Barnstable Devon

Died: 1952 Brighton

Nationality: British

Education: Studied and collected indigenous crafts in Ceylon, India

Best known for: Helping to revive handloom weaving and vegetable dyeing writing several books and teaching aids (textile portfolios).

Pinterest Board:

Weaving Sample Book


Anni Albers (1899 – 1994)

Name: Anni Albers (Nee Annelise Elsa Frieda Fleischmann)

Born: 12th June 1899

Died: 9th May 1994

Nationality: German American

Education: Bauhaus

Best Known Works: Textiles, Graphic design, weaving

Spouse: Josef Albers (of colour theorist fame)

Pinterest board:

Anni Albers source list / useful websites

Lucienne Day (1917 – 2010)

Name: Lucienne Day (Desiree Lucienne Lisbeth Dulcie Conradi)

Born: 5th January 1917 Coulsden, Surrey

Died: 30th January 2010 Chichester, West Sussex

Nationality: British

Education: Royal College of Art

Best Known Works: Printed textiles; best known design Calyx

Spouse: Robin Day – Designer

Pinterest board:

Lucienne Day source list / useful websites

Magdalena Abakanowicz 1930 –

Name: Magdalena Abakanowicz

Born: 20th June 1930, Falenty Poland

Nationality: Polish

Education: Warsaw academy of fine arts

Best Known Works: Fiber Art & Sculpture (large burlap and other materials)

Pinterest board:

Magdalena Abakanowicz  Source list / useful websites

Zandra Rhodes (1940 – )

Name: Zandra Rhodes

Born: 19th September 1940

Nationality: British

Education: Medway College of Art, Royal College of Art

Best Known Works: Fashion design, Textile Design

Pinterest board:

Zandra Rhodes Source list / useful websites


Vintage Fashion (Forward by Zandra Rhodes) Carlton 2006 ISBN: 1-84442-268-2

Judy Chicago (1939 -)

Judy Chicago Biography, Art, and Analysis of Works | The Art Story

Name: Judy Chicago (nee Judith Sylvia Cohen)
Born: 20th July 1939, Chicago Illinois
Nationality: American
Education: University of California
Best Known Works: The Dinner Party, The Birth Project
Movements: Women’s rights, Feminist art, Through the flower (organisation)
Pinterest board:

Judy Chicago - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia  Bigamy Hood by Judy Chicago

Issey Miyake (1938 – )

Name: Issey Miyake (Miyake Kazumaru)
Born: 22nd April 1938
Nationality: Japan
Education: Tama Art University, Ecole de la Chambre, Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne
Best Known Works: Fashion Design – Pleats please
Pinterest board:
Issey Miyake – Source list / useful websites

Issey Miyake

Tracey Emin (1963 – )

Tracey Emin 1-cropped.jpg

Name: Tracey Emin (Tracey Karima Emin)
Born: 3rd July 1963, Croydon, England
Nationality: British
Education: Medway College of Design, Maidstone College of Art, Royal College of Art, Birkbeck, University of London
Best Known Works: “Everyone I have ever slept with 1963 – 1995”, “My Bed” and “The Last Thing I Said To You Was Don’t Leave Me Here”

Pinterest board:
Tracey Emin Source list / useful websites

Depressing but beautiful - Tracy Emin, i like the way that its all different and there is a college element to the piece, i like the right colours and the texture looks quite material like and smooth and soft


About Julie Hooker

Having recently returned to my roots in Surrey, I am currently studying a BA Hons degree with the OCA. My work is often inspired by the local countryside in the beautiful Surrey Hills area and the wild rugged nature of the North Cornish coast. Steam engines and abandoned industrial history are also recent themes. A free machine embroiderer and felt maker; I like to explore the use of natural, found materials to create my art, whether that be as raw materials to stitch or weave with or as a material with which to produce dye or print with. Previously, I completed City and Guilds parts 1 & 2 Creative Embroidery at the East Berkshire College in Windsor in 2007. I was also awarded first place in the wearable art section of the National Quilt Championships 2008 and 2009 held annually at Sandown Park.
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